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Sunday, February 26, 2006


"Things are about to get hairy"

Starring: Daniel Tay, Jimmy Fallon, Jon Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, William H. Macy

Synopsis: Legend tells of three magic diamonds that, if in the wrong hands, can be united to create a force powerful enough to freeze the sun. When the evil sorcerer Zeebad escapes from his ancient prison, he vows to exact revenge by deep-freezing the earth forever. Determined to save the world, a fellowship of four unlikely heroes band together to foil Zeebad's villainous plot. Led by the candy-loving mutt Doogal, friends Dylan, Brian, and Ermintrude all embark on an epic adventure to save the world. In order to find the diamonds before Zeebad, they must climb icy mountains, navigate fiery pits of molten lava, sail across vast oceans and pass through a booby-trapped temple guarded by an army of ninja skeleton warriors. Along the way they learn that the most powerful weapon is their friendship - which even ZeebadĀ¹s evil magic cannot destroy.

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Reviews: Here is the deal on Doogal. It was released 2 years ago in the UK and was called the magic roundabout. It had British actors and was funny. The Magic Roundabout was a kids show shown in the UK in the early seventies, this is an attempt to Americanise the movie. They should have left it alone, they've tried to turn it into a LOTR for little kids, shame, shame, shame. Do yourselve a favor get an import of the British DVD.

Great for Kids - Good for parents: Keep in mind this is rated with a 6 year old's perspective snd I'm sure toddlers would like it even more. My son loved it and to me that's all that matters. Sure it was no Shrek but it was what it was - an animated G movie not made by Pixar or Disney. I thinks adults that tolerate G movies will be amused by the one liners. I liked the actors too, I could listen to John Stewart, Jimmy Fallon, Chevy Chase and Whoopi anytime.

I Blame You, Shrek!: well, here is yet another attempt to pull off the humor/wit of a shrek-wanna-be movie. however, it doesnt run as smoothly. the story is some crazy wizard (who's half spring??) wants to freeze the world for some odd reason. so doogal (our hero), after his friend is trapped in ice, must collect some jewels to stop this evil wizard, with his flop-of-a-friends. but i wont ruin anymore of the plot (though thats about it) the computer animation is descent, though not really up to par with more recent movies.

It's rated G, so it's almost too cute. kids will swallow it up, but the parents who have to tag along will probably lose interest fast. nothing seems to 'feel' right with the characters, you want to love them, but you just never do. we really have shrek to blame for this, it started this landslide of animated child/parent humor movies, but nothing else has hit a home run. but kids will enjoy!

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