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Monday, July 31, 2006

Oliver Stone on 'World Trade Center'

(Los Angeles, California) The subject of September 11, 2001 undoubtedly elicits a variety of emotions from people around the world, the most prominent one, anger, for the majority.

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But September 11, 2001 - what with its horrifying images played out on televisions everywhere, people jumping to their deaths from the towering infernos, The World Trade Center - also brought forth a number of stories of survival.

And leave it to none other than two-time Academy Award winning director Oliver Stone to bring two of those stories to us in one of this year’s best and most heart wrenching films.

“World Trade Center” tells the story of the two PAPD (Port Authority Police Department) cops who were buried alive, when one of the towers collapsed on top of them, and who were dug out and rescued a day later - all while enduring a gun that went off was shooting at them, accidentally, from one of the other PAPD cop’s guns, also buried (dead) with them. (Yes, that really happened. When you see the movie, you’ll know what I am talking about.)

“A lot of people, most people,” says Stone, sitting in a suite at Hotel 1000 in downtown Seattle, a hop skip and a jump from The Space Needle, one of the possible American landmarks targeted by terrorists on September 11, 2001, “think I am this left wing nutcase. And when they hear that I chose to direct this picture [“World Trade Center”] all the bells and whistles start sounding. ‘What agenda is he going to bring to this picture?’ they ask. And what I say is ‘This is America. Every citizen, of which I am one, has the right to speak up, whenever he wants to. The fact is, in between my pictures, my political comments may be picked up and played out in the media. But my comments have nothing at all to do the way I direct any movie. I dare anyone to watch ‘JFK’ and find anything in it that would remotely paint that picture as an agenda picture. I took no sides. It just so happens that a lot of the stories I am attracted to, most, in fact, are based on true events and real people.”

And Stone is not kidding.




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