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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Trailer Park Boys : The Movie

Trailer Park Boys
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Starring: Cory Bowles .... Cory
Lucy Decoutere .... Lucy

Gerry Dee .... Donny

Hugh Dillon .... Sonny
Barrie Dunn .... Ray
John Dunsworth .... Jim Lahey
Sarah Dunsworth .... Sarah

Nichole Hiltz .... Wanda
Michael Jackson .... Trevor
Scott Marson .... Bouncer
David Miller .... Bike cop

Natasha Noreiga .... Galaxy
Christina Parker .... Waitress

Veronica Reynolds .... Dazzle
Patrick Roach .... Randy
Mike Smith .... Bubbles
Ian Tench .... Prison Guard
Shelley Thompson .... Barb

Jonathan Torrens .... J-Roc
John Paul Tremblay .... Julian
Robb Wells .... Ricky

Trailer Park Boys
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Synopsis: On October 6 THE TRAILER PARK BOYS are out of jail and in a movie!

Kicked out from jail days before the guard/inmate ball hockey final, Ricky, Julian and Bubbles return to Sunnyvale trailer park with a plan for The Big Dirty, the largest heist of their long criminal history: a dimwitted scheme to steal vast quantities of change – since it’s untraceable.

Meanwhile, Ricky is pondering taking his relationship with longtime girlfriend Lucy to the next level when he discovers that Lucy has some newly enhanced anatomy and a job at the Gentleman’s Club. Later, visiting the club, Julian meets and falls for the beautiful featured dancer Wanda and the Boys have their first encounter with Sonny, the dangerous owner of the club.

As the day of the Big Dirty approaches, The Boys train less-than-able assistants Cory and Trevor. But before their plan can succeed, they will have to outrun helicopters, survive shootouts and face down drunken Trailer Park Supervisor Mr. Lahey and his cheeseburger-loving assistant Randy in a deadly game of Sunnyvale Chicken.

TRAILER PARK BOYS THE MOVIE: the greatest crime from the smallest minds is only in theatres on October 6.

Music provided by J-Roc and crew.

Cat Show by Bubbles.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie is a potent blend of smokes, dope, guns, romance and sacks full of loonies.

Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys Trailer Park Boys
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Review: Picture the scene: A fancy hotel suite in Toronto with an array of sofas and seats. The three Trailer Park Boys walk into the room wearing their trademark outfits. John Paul Tremblay (who plays Julian) is in his black T-shirt with rum and Coke in hand. Robb Wells (Ricky) is in his usual cheap athletic wear, hair in a pompadour. And Mike Smith (Bubbles) has his Roy Rogers shirt.

Do they lounge on the sofa chairs as film and TV stars usually do? No, the three are sitting in a row, hunched behind a buffet spread. Smith is sipping a can of energy drink called Full Throttle. He immediately asks the others whether they are supposed to be in character or out.

Usually the three only do their interviews in character, since the whole gimmick behind the Trailer Park Boys series and now Trailer Park Boys: The Movie is that they are poor, swearing hosers being filmed by a documentary crew. But even as themselves, the actors aren't light years away from the boys.

Wells, for one, who is 35, sounds exactly like Ricky in the character's more solemn moment, as he explains that "You draw on different things. Some of it is from people you knew growing up. One third of the character I'm based on a guy [I knew] who constantly messed up words, and I'd write them down. There are different bits and pieces of a few people."

Wells talks the most and with his direct stare, seems to blink his eyes far less than most people.

Then Tremblay, 38, starts speaking quietly. Like Julian, he's not entirely sure of the exact words when describing the uncanny fact that somehow every fan of the show, without exception, either seems to know someone like the boys, no matter what part of Canada they are from or they seem to have known the characters themselves.

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Trailer Park Boys The Movie: Behind The Scenes
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*Review by GUY DIXON , Globe and Mail


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