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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Spiderman 3

Starring: Tobey Maguire ... Spider-Man/Peter Parker
Kirsten Dunst ... Mary Jane Watson
James Franco ... New Goblin/Harry Osborn
Thomas Haden Church ... Sandman/Flint Marko
Topher Grace ... Venom/Eddie Brock
Bryce Dallas Howard ... Gwen Stacy
Rosemary Harris ... May Parker
J.K. Simmons ... J. Jonah Jameson
James Cromwell ... Captain Stacy

Spiderman 3 Spiderman 3 Spiderman 3 Spiderman 3
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Synopsis: Our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is back for a third time webslinging into action. There is a lot happening this time around; life is good for Spider-Man, the city loves him and crime is down. Mary Jane is on Broadway and she and Peter are in love more than ever. Harry Osborn is as pissed as ever at Spiderman and to complicate things even further for Spidey, Flint Marko, aka Sandman, is on the loose. Oh, and an interesting black snot from outerspace latches onto Spider-Man altering his personality and making him more aggressive. And finally, we get to experience the one and only...frickin’ Venom!!! Nuff said! Enjoy the ride folks!

Review: Well...let’s just say we have another Blockbuster on our hands. This film has great character development, awesome special effects and excellent action sequences. They're idiots if they decide to stop making these movies after this one. They're great fun and the length didn't bother me at all (it was long) since I was never bored. I can honestly say that I was glued to the screen the whole time. Aside from a few plot points that could have been handled better, the movie flowed nicely, giving us what we really came for: a great comic-to-movie experience!

Tobey Maguire returns as our friendly neighborhood webslinger and once again shows us that nerdy is cool. I totally dug the direction he went with the character this time around. After the alien goop attaches itself to Parker, we get to see an interesting transition from his typical character to this extroverted aggressive guy, which was hilariously cool to watch (Parker dancing in the street...classic)!

Let's talk about all the villains now. Where do I begin? Let’s go with "Sandman for 200", Alex! Flint Marko/Sandman, played by Thomas Hayden Church, is probably the best casting for a villain yet. He played it perfectly. The effects that went with him were amazing. However, I'm not sure if I agree with the way he traveled through the city like a huge sand storm tunnel and the fact that he can become three stories high...yes, it was fun to watch and made good entertainment, but I'm a "less is more" kinda guy. I also liked the character's motivation, but I just found it a bit conflicting in the end or least his interactions with Spider-Man were. One minute he's one way, the next he's something else.

Harry Osborn -- or should I say Green Goblin -- is back and well played by James Dean's reincarnation, James Franco. He was good, but I think I would have preferred him in a cooler looking suit and mask. As it was, he almost looked like a Power Ranger. Eddie Brock or should I say...wait for it....VENOM was played by Topher Grace. Grace gave us an interesting take on Eddie Brock adding some charming wit and wickedness once he became Venom. I think most fans will appreciate the treatment they gave Venom in this filme and I for one, was quite satisfied with the overall look and dynamic of the character. I just wish there had been more scenes with him.

Spiderman 3
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As for the rest of the characters, Bruce Campbell is always a pleasure to watch on screen and his scenes were hilarious! Bryce Dallas Howard was hot as Gwen Stacey, but she was nothing more than eye candy. Kirsten Dunst returns as Mary Jane and...meh! She was alright, but I didn't like the way the love triangle was handled between the main characters. It just didn't flow right.

Also, Sam is the man! Sam Raimi, that is. Where does this guy go from here? THE QUICK AND THE DEAD II? Whatever it is, I'll be the first in line. He created such a memorable franchise here , that it's sure to be a classic. This time around he went deeper into all of the characters and it felt more than just a superhero flick. Of course, the action and special effects were grander, but when the action wasn't happening, the main storyline was just as much fun and interesting.

This is a great start to the summer flicks! I enjoyed it very much and most will too! I would love to see a part 4 in the future with -- or even without -- the main actors. I personally found that the actors, as good as they were, didn't make the movie. It was the whole idea of Spider-Man and the amazing directing, that did it for me. Go see it!

*Review by Tim Goernert ,


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Friday, May 04, 2007

The spotlight on the summer season's biggest films

Harry Potter"Shrek the Third": Mike Myers is back as the voice of the crusty ogre. Chances are good it will follow in the footsteps of the second instalment in this franchise, which was among the top-10 highest grossing pictures ever. Intended audience: Ugly ducklings, Cartoon Network fans, and parents of small kids.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End": Heartthrob Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow in the third and final instalment of the franchise. He has big boots to fill after "Dead Man's Chest" became last year's biggest hit. Intended audience: Swooning teenagers and their premenopausal mothers.

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix": The boy wizard will be back with the fifth and darkest-yet instalment of the series, one week before the book "The Deathly Hallows" is released. Intended audience: The kids who grew up with Daniel Radcliffe, and their parents who borrowed the books.

"Ocean's Thirteen": This reunites George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and director Steven Soderbergh for another high-class heist. Intended audience: Men undergoing mid-life crises, and their unusually keen partners.

"The Bourne Ultimatum": Matt Damon returns as the amnesiac assassin as a government agent tries to track him down after a shootout in Moscow. Intended audience: Armchair travellers and adrenaline junkies.

"Rush Hour 3": Buddy cops Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker take on a Chinese crime family in Paris. Intended audience: Movie buffs who get their kicks out of martial arts and car chases.

"Evan Almighty": Steve Carell plays a congressman commanded by God to build an Ark. Intended audience: Fans of "The Office" and "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" who are looking for the next Will Ferrell.

"The Simpsons Movie": The big-screen take on animated television series. Intended audience: Children trapped in adults' bodies. Doh.

"Live Free or Die Hard": Action sequel starring Bruce Willis, who takes on an Internet-based terrorist organization launching an attack on the United States on the Fourth of July. Intended audience: Patriotic Americans and "Die Hard" fans.

"The Transformers": Shia LaBeouf and Tyrese Gibson are among the cast of humans caught up in the devastation after duelling alien races bring their battle to Earth. Intended audience: Adults who grew up in the 1980s, and their children.

"Hairspray": John Travolta, Michelle Pfeiffer and newcomer Nikki Blonsky star in the film adaptation of the hit musical and earlier cult movie about a 1960s television dance show. Intended audience: "Dancing with the Stars" fans who can't get enough shaking, rattling, and rolling.



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* Reviewers do not necessarily endorse®