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Monday, February 18, 2008


Starring: Hayden Christensen ... David Rice

Samuel L. Jackson ... Roland

Diane Lane ... Mary Rice

Jamie Bell ... Griffin

Rachel Bilson ... Millie

Michael Rooker ... William Rice

AnnaSophia Robb ... Young Millie

Max Thieriot ... Young David

Jesse James ... Young Mark

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Synopsis: A genetic anomaly allows a young man to teleport himself anywhere. He discovers this gift has existed for centuries and finds himself in a war that has been raging for thousands of years between "Jumpers" and those who have sworn to kill them.

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Review: Author: Eruanion from United States

It is finally here—the first mega-budget, CGI-laden, "blockbuster" of the year, but its' jump falls short of great, and lands on moderate instead.

David Rice (played Hayden Christensen) learns at age fifteen he as the ability to teleport anywhere, through anything, at anytime. He quickly learns how to harness his power and control it, and then before long he as robbed a bank and is on his way to the "good life". Fast-forward till he is older, he now has a dream apartment in New York and spends his days trotting the globe—breakfast in Paris, surfing in Fiji, lunch on top of the Sphinx, one night stand in London, etc.—you get the picture.

He returns home wanting to find his high school crush, Millie (played by Rachel Bilson). He finds her working at the local bar and obviously wants to share his dream-existence with her. There lies a big problem as she quickly suspects something, and before he has time to explain everything to her his "perfect" existence is suddenly threatened. It is threatened by a detective Roland (played by Samuel L. Jackson) who is investigating the first bank robbery, and slowly starts tracking David. Roland knows about these "jumpers", and tracks them down to kill them reminding each one repeatedly "Only God should have the power…." As he gets closer to David and his loved ones, the film accelerates into a blinding pace of "jumping" action until the end which neatly setup a new franchise.

Because of its' poor script, direction, and editing, the special effects and settings are what make this film good. Yes we have seen other superheroes teleport, but I do not remember ever seeing Night-crawler lounging in a beach chair on top of the Sphinx's head or riding thirty-foot waves in Fiji. Watching him do everything you could ever want with this new power is what makes it entertaining, as you anticipate the next destination you will be whisked off to.

Hayden Christensen proves he really can act after, and he gives a solid performance, although Jamie Bell (playing another jumper) steals any and all scenes he appears in with his intense, energetic, comic-relief presence. Diane Lane's cameo is a pleasant surprise, and Rachel Bilson's performance as the girlfriend is sincere.

My main complaint was the ending, which is so happily clique and a blatant setup for a sequel it leaves you with the feeling "that's it?" I still liked it. Overall this is a pure popcorn, eye-candy thriller that is entertaining enough if you do not try to think about it to hard, and can hold you over till this Summer's "real" blockbusters!


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