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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Young People F. (Expletive Deleted)

Starring: Aaron Abrams ... Matt

Carly Pope ... Kris

Kristin Booth ... Abby

Josh Dean ... Andrew

Sonja Bennett ... Mia

Josh Cooke ... Eric

Diora Baird ... Jamie

Callum Blue ... Ken

Ennis Esmer ... Gord

Peter Oldring ... Dave

Natalie Lisinska ... Inez

Synopsis: Director Martin Gero turns his knowing lens on five different archetypal relationships in a caustic romantic comedy highlighting the amusing similarities and bizarre differences in human relationships. Sexually frustrated blonde Abby (Kristin Booth) is stuck in a domestic rut with her hyper sensitive boyfriend Andrew (Josh Dean); will the pair be able to smooth things out or could it be that their relationship was actually doomed from the very beginning? Yet while folks like Abby and Andrew are currently locked in to relationships, others like longtime friends Matt (Aaron Abrams) and Kristen (Carly Pope) just got out of them. Perhaps a quick round of casual sex between old friends is just the thing to help both friends move beyond their pains of their past. Meanwhile, recently broken-up couple Mia (Sonja Bennett) and Eric (ohn Cooke) are attempting to bury the past by going out on one post-mortem date, and British ladies man is out on his very first date with the pretty, and much younger, Jamie (Diora Baird). But not all relationships are as simple as one man and one woman, because energetic Gord (Ennis Esme), his ill-humored roommate Dave (Peter Oldring), and Gord's beautiful girlfriend Inez (Natalie Lisinska) somehow find their relationship growing increasingly unconventional. ~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Review: by The Wizard of 'OZ'

Well I watched this movie finally, when it came out on Showcase. When the movie was first released - the title had all kinds of conservative groups up in arms. It is a "to the point" title to be sure.

The movie is far more than just 'Young People F. (Expletive Deleted)' - it deals with several scenarios, and gives the viewer the unique experience of seeing 'what that is like' without actually having to experience. This is an amazingly close look into the most personal of your personal lives.

This was really quite a funny movie, I mean after all - what is funnier than humans trying to make sex more enjoyable, rather than to just get on with it like most animals - oh they say we are more sophisticated than they are - I beg to differ. Watch the movie to find out why...

My favourite part of the movie was seeing how everyone's sex-life is just as screwed up as everyone else's... innuendo, calculating, awkward.

My advice to you? Worth watching! Also to note - while there is some nudity, it is not as risque as you would assume based on the title.

Happy F. (Expletive Deleted)!

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